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While your friends were out buying prom dresses you were at the fabric store furiously trying to choose between silk and satin. And when other people were buying their clothes and wearing them right from the rack, you knew just how to put an outfit together to make it look like it walked straight out of the pages of Vogue. If you have an innate sense of style and a genuine love of all things designer, then a career in fashion may be your calling.

Fashion means different things to different people. There are those of us that see fashion as an extension of ourselves; a way for us to advertise who we are. Skater, goth, princess, sporty – we can see the style in each of these words. And there are those of us that see fashion as religion. A way of life. For us, fashion is so essential to the fabric of our being that being involved in fashion as a vocation goes without even saying.

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Although a career in fashion is often portrayed as glamorous – attending runway shows, traveling to amazing cities like Paris and Milan, giving interviews to the press, going to parties, and being surrounded by celebrities, it is also a lot of hard work. Even if you have the talent of Coco Chanel, you have to know how to apply your talent to really soar. is here to act as a guide through the world of fashion. From the schools that you can attend and the types of careers that you can have to landing a great internship to networking, there is a wealth of information.

Whether you are an aspiring designer, fashion journalist, magazine editor, photographer, buyer, or merchandiser, we have information to help guide you through making the right decisions for your future and to help educate you today.