Modeling Schools

The following is a list of Modeling Schools and Colleges in Portland, OR. Click on the Best School links to request information without obligation.

  • Barbizon:

    You Can Become a Female Model

    There are many successful female models that grace the pages of magazines, work the runways, and star in videos and on television. You will notice that they come in many shapes and sizes. Runway models in the world of high fashion have the strictest physical requirements, but the requirements are more flexible for local models.

    Male Model

    Those aspiring to become male models can achieve their goals through Barbizon. It is here where they will participate in classes focused on runway, photo movement, speech, social skills, grooming, job interviewing, and much more.

    Child Modeling

    At Barbizon, children will learn the modeling skills used by all of the top child models in the world from proper speech, runway and walking skills, auditioning, grooming, social skills, posture and much more.